eBlocker Family incl. 1 Year Updates – Surfing Anonymous and with no ads, Parental Controls, Multi-User Support in Your Network/Smart Home (LAN/Wi-Fi)

eBlocker Family incl. 1 Year Updates – Surfing Anonymous and with no ads, Parental Controls, Multi-User Support in Your Network/Smart Home (LAN/Wi-Fi)

The eBlocker is a smart device that is connected to your home network. It anonymizes your online behaviour and prevents data collection without your consent. Online providers track your surfing behavior across all devices and on every website you visit. This data is compiled into detailed personality profiles, which not only affect your privacy, but also includes very intimate details about you. Information about your political view, your religious belief, your income or your health status are completely revealed: eBlocker puts an end to all of this. The smart device is compatible with every Internet provider and supports all operation systems and browsers. It protects all your network devices at once – smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac, smart TV, games console or your smartwatch. This sets eBlocker apart from traditional browser plugins and tools against trackers and ads. Simply connect it to your home network, turn it on and your privacy is protected instantly. Directly connected to the router, the device doesn’t collect any data of its own and doesn’t use any cloud-functions either. With intelligent pattern recognition, eBlocker analyzes the internet traffic completely autonomous and thanks to its daily refreshed filter lists, stays up to date. The integrated Parental Control offers extensive filter possibilities for websites, which reliably protects your children from inappropriate Web content through a selection of predefined categories (violence, pornography, social networks, etc.). It is also possible to control any usage times and time contingents for up to ten users that you can define yourself. All restrictions can be managed via individual profiles and assigned to different users. If a child has more than one device, the same filter rules can be applied on all devices and the permissible total online time is reduced according to the respective use. Restrictions on shared devices can simply be deactivated and activated by parents with a PIN input.Protect your Privacy on the Internet. Block all trackers (tracker blocker) and data collecting online-ads (ad blocker), anonymize your IP-address (via Tor & VPN), control different DNS servers, increase your surfing speed.
Plug & Play. For all typical devices and browsers with no software installation, Automatic configuration for easy use. Individual settings for increased data protection.
Parental Controls. Block inappropriate websites, manage individual user accounts and filtering profiles, control time based online access and duration for all your kid’s devices.
Incl. 1 year updates for software and filter lists for free.
Package contents: eBlocker Family, power supply, LAN cable, license card, quick start guide.

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