A Bride for Travis (The Proxy Brides Book 10)

A Bride for Travis (The Proxy Brides Book 10)

Lydia Hathaway’s greatest wish is to become a mother, but not necessarily a wife.

Molly, a little orphan, tugs at her heart and Lydia knows this is the child she wants to adopt. Lydia is broken hearted when the orphanage mandates that all prospective parents be married.

Travis Bentley had been conned by two mail order brides, so he decides to stay single and concentrate on his ranch, so when his sister asks him to marry a woman in Denver by proxy so she can adopt a child, he readily agrees. What does he have to lose? He doesn’t even have to meet the woman. Things go well until he decides to marry Myra, and he travels to Denver to get Lydia to sign annulment papers. That’s when his life becomes a convoluted mess!

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